Why participate in the Erie Refocused PAC?

Political Action Committee’s or PACs are a historically underutilized vehicle for electing people in Erie County. We believe that an issues-based PAC will do more to move an economic development agenda forward and away from the personality politics of Erie’s past better than any other form of electioneering.

What is the decision-making process for funding candidates?

Erie Refocused PAC is interested in candidates that are committed to and exemplify the knowledge, skills, and abilities to implement the Erie Refocused Plan.

Where can I learn more about the Erie Refocused Plan?

Click Here.

How can I learn more about the Erie Refocused PAC?

The ER PAC has quarterly events to update its members on local, state, and federal policies that affect economic development.

Who leads the Erie Refocused PAC?

Formed by business leaders Joel Deuterman, CEO, VNET and Chuck Peters, President, Altair Holdings, the PAC is led by the interests of business, civic, and community leaders that have contributed to the stated agenda.